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1863 January 7 Camp near Falmouth

                                          Jan. 7 1863
                     Camp near Falmouth, Va
Dear Brother
           I take this oppertunity to write you 
a few to let you no that I am well and get 
along well their is not sine of a move at 
this time the weather here has been fine. 
yesterday their was some rain but did last long. 
I received John letter a few Days ago I though 
I was not going to get any word from home 
and was much peased to here and was
much obliged to John for for the stamp and 
sheat of paper I cant neathe paper or stamp 
here and I want you to write and send them 
to me accationaly I can by paper at 2 cents 
a sheat I think I can't stand them prices well 
their was some talk a few days ago of our 
being sent back to Washington but I think 
their is nothing of it if whe are moved it will 
be towards the river it takes a good Deal 
of figering to live here as the feed is hard 
to eat but by taking cair in the cooking 
whe still make it go down. 
If I had som 

[page 2]

of the apples that are at home I would have 
some fine dishes of saws and apple fliters I 
have been very hungry since I have been here 
by time but I think I will be able to see it 
through as their is but about 3 & 1/2 months 
[most of next line obliterated by fold in paper]
[unclear: illeg.] has just been here and say I 
shall tell you he is will but  [times are tuff?]      
and sends his respects to all is a good thing 
the health of the company is good thare have 
been some of thoes sent to the hospital 
that have been sent on [here are going at?]  
convalesant camp at Alaxandria. I hope 
they will stay their as the hardships is hard 
to get through and their is more in the company 
that wants to go home.
I suppose you have been enjoying yoursalf fine 
but if their is no more snow their than their is 
here the sleigh wont mount to much this Regt 
is very much cut Down at prisant their is but [unclear: 315] 
men in it my paper is most full and I must stop 
I got some Tobacco seed whe I was out in picket 
the other Day I will send it in this and I want you 

[page 3]
tents which are some protection but the
weather has been fine I think I never 
saw such good weather this time a year
Their was some talk that in camp that this Brigade 
would be sent back but their has 
been nothing said the last few days so I dont think 
their is much in it I  [wish?]  whe would go back 
a piece for their would be some chance 
to By something to eat their is no chance to get 
any thing here neathe paper nor postage stamps 
as you will see this is ritten on an old piece 
of copy book that was picked up [illegible word]
and if I have to maile this and leave you the 
postage to pay you must excuse me or else 
I  [illegible word]  [change our position?] Their 
is several that I would like to write to if I had 
the paper their is no sutlers supplies alowed 
to be shiped as the armies is so large that it require 
all the transportation the government can raise to 
bring up supplys their is no much chance for 
a forward move from here as the Rebels seam to 
bee very well Situated on the other side of the 

[page 4]
the Rappahanook is but a Small river some 
paces it is so shalow that it is easely forded 
the pickets talk to each other from the banks 
of the stream their is no firing amonkst the 
pickets but a few evenings they wer Driven in 
which put the officers on their gard I think I will stop 
writing about the armie and tell you that what part 
of Virginia   [I] have seen it looks offel hard it is 
nothing but a lot of hill and the poorist land I have 
most ever seen their is a great deal of this scruby 
Pine and seder grows here most all the farms 
are vacated the inhabitants gon south with the 
exception of some few Negros that are scatered about 
I wish I who could have been at home to have 
tended singing the last three evenings as they have 
been fine and I suppose you had a good time 
I want you to write to me and give me all 
the new and let me no how the singing is going
geting along I wrote to David Early some time ago 
have not herd from him yet my paper is most full 
my best Respects to your Parents and all that inquire 
and I Remain
yours Truly
 Thad Donely

[upside down in top margin of page 3]

Excus all mistake as it is the best I can do under 
the surcumstances Dont forget to give me a hole sheet 
full of news 

[upside down in top margin of page 4]
 Adres Washington D.C. 130 Regt Co D PV 

Thad Donely, 130th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 11395

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