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1863 January 24 Camp near Guinea Station

                             Camp near Guinea
                    Station  Jany 24th 1863
Dear Bill
              I have just received your letter
of the 21st. I do not know when I will get
my furlough or whether I'll get it at all.
I sent it in about ten weeks ago, there are
so many reports of the Yankees on the other
side, moving & threatening to attack that
it keeps, I suppose, the Generals from
granting more than they do.  So far we
have had no winter weather & I find my
tent quite comfortable.  I should like to
see a snow, that we might be certain
that the enemy would remain quiescent
long enough for some of us to visit our
friend.  I do not know what West's plans
are, but shall feel uneasy until I hear from
him.  I am sorry to hear that your clothing is
beginning to require renewal.  I dont see
how you manage to get along on what money
you have, how much do you pay for board?
- & how does T.w.a  manage to keep his head

[page 2]
above water, a thousand dollars is very
little now, I am delighted at the prospect
which northern journals give us, of peace
-if we can manage to get through this
Summer, all, I hope, will be well.  I
am sorry to hear of Miss Chichester's death.
You, I suppose - are volunteer housekeeper
-There is no news here,  Hoping soon to see
you & at any rate to hear from you--I am
                                Most affectionately
                                   Your brother

William Gregory a surgeon with the 2nd Georgia Volunteers

MSS 4777

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