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1863 January 18 Fort Tillinghast,Va.

              Fort Tillinghast, Va., Jan 18th
Dear Priscilla
                            I will now attempt to
write you an answer to your letter of
Jan 11th, You say that some have tried
to make you think that the 14th can
be held for five years if the war lasts so
long, You may tell those persons that
they know nothing about this regiment
(or any other that I have heard of) that
can be held for five years,  Our papers read
for three years, unless sooner discharged
If we have to stay the whole three years,
we have been in the service more
than half of the time, because the
regiment will all be discharged to-
gether, of course, I have no idea, however
that we shall have to stay in the army
three years, In answer to your question,
Do you have the same men now, Yes, I

[page 2]
have the same mess that I have always
had, with the addition of one other
man, Dan'l Smith, of Cambridge, Mass
I am very glad that he was put in my
mess, for, he is a man of good education,
and has traveled all over the States,
He was engaged in the Military Exp-
edition, a few years ago, building a
road somewhere near the Rocky Mountains.
I shall not have to go out of my tent
now for assistance in making out
my Cal bill, Lieut Earp is well,
Earp Jr Jr, dont amount to much any
way, he does very well to wait upon his
father, and for the soldiers to make
fun of, Capt. C. had his son here, but he
went home with his Mother,  We have
plenty of books and papers, I received a
a[sic] paper from you, with your last letter,

[page 3]
     I have a slight attack of
the Chills, so I cant write any
more at present
  I also send the Cal bill, I
have a duplicate,  Love and
good wishes to you and all,
                    Yours Truly
                                6 oclk PM
I am much better, the chills
have left me with a slight head-
ache I shant have another attack,
because I have been taking quinine
all day  Enclosed I send you
two little books, to carry your
Postal Currency in, one for you
and one for Mother,  I will send
Ernie and Ada Augusta, something

[page 4]
when I go to Washington.  The
Skins I will get J B to frank
for me. Wrote often.  Kiss our
darlings for me, and ever believe
in the love of

Sgt. Robert P. Mansfield, Co. M  1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

"Cal Bill    probably pertains to the settlement of the estate of a brother who died in California
"Skins"   unclear but may refer to skins being sent home for tanning, as Sgt. Mansfield was a shoemaker in civilian life.

MSS 1242

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