Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1862 January 21-22 Campbell County, Va.

[from the diary of George W. Dabney, clerk of Campbell County]

21. Wedny
Rain all last night till this
eveng. --cart not going up
for bad weather, wrote Pa
giving progress of farm
matters to present time

22d thursy
Fair & moderate. Th. 50.
plowing corn land, shrubbing
littering stable yard &c
wrote Ro. H. Robinson about  [Sheriffs?]
accts yet unsettled - Hays Otey
here p.m. & all night, on way to
Danville in 2 horse carryal - brot a
cargo of smok: tob" for Hutter &
me pack cards -- heard for first
time of Nannie Hutter's mishap &
almost fatal illness in Child bearing
now out of danger so that H. can
return to his post in Danville.
City folks rampant for lynching
by hanging the ruffians infesting
their streets by night -- Speed writes
Jack. Lang" [Langhorne?] from Richmond that Jeff
Ds has some intelligence better than
recognition - not made public yet.
[query?]--  iron clad fleet ready?

MSS 3315

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