Thursday, January 31, 2013

1863 January 24-25 Campbell County,Va.

[from the diary of George W. Dabney, clerk of Campbell County, Va.]

24" Saty
Cloudy & pleast  Th. 60  - plowing
hauld [stones?] - blue pill to Jesse.

25"  Sundy
Fair pleast -- Wd to Hopewell
home 9 pm - visiting Jesse sevl
times - stomach head & chest all
wrong -- says no Dr yet - take
Salts & see tomorrow - blue pill
acted well - sh.cakes & sassifras
 tea recom. as diet - see Tobo                      

law limit passed Ho of Del - good-
[?] raised greater price - no loss
to planter - good act. in Examr
on use of rail roads to convey prov-
isions for people - denouncing Govt
officials in cahoot with speculators -
  Wd shot flying - missed yesterday
Wild Turkeys ^ in field wheat


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