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1863 January 15 White Oak Church, Va.

      Camp near White Oak Church Va.
                           Jan. 15th / 1863
Dear parents,
                        I have recieved two
letters from home since I wrote and
as I have a few spare moments today
I will try to write a few lines to relieve
your anxious minds I understand, by your
last letter that you expected to find $15.00
in one letter, that I wrote and did not
find it there but ere this reaches you
the mystery will be explained, so that you
will understand it the day we was paid
I wrote a few lines in a hurry and said I
would send $15.00 a short time after I found
they were going to send a package to Mc.
Falls in care of Charles H. Dwinel so I
changed my mind, and, did not put any in

[page 2]
the letter and instead of sending $15.00
I sent $25.00 in the package to Mechanic
Falls in care of C. H. Dwinal and when you
go after it I think you will find it all
safe I was in such a hurry when I
wrote I could not stop to write the
particulars and I did not think but
you would understand it as it was
since then I have sent $1.00 in a letter
I want you to write as soon as you get
the money  the express bill on the $25.00
you will have to pay to Mr. Dwinal
the money I sent to Portland you can get
the same as you have done before write
to me about it as soon as you get it.  I had
heard of the death of Charles Dore and I should
have written to you about it but I supposed
you  new it before I did he was liked by
all that new him.  My health is quite good
except my back that has spells of being
very sore and lame the rest of the Casco
and Raymond boys are well that belong to this

[page 3]
this regt. our work is not very hard we
have the roll called three times a day
morning noon and night and we have a
regimental drill every afternoon when
the weather is fit and dress parade every
night the turn to to on guard comes about
once a week to stand eight hours out of
twenty four Sundays we have an insp
ection of the Regt. by the field officers
and religious services this is all we have
to do except a few extra details and
and going on picket about once in a
month.  I have not heard what you
thought about ^ me some boots and if
you have not written I want you
to write about it there has been
some sent to this Regt that has
never got here. I am glad to hear
Walter is doing so well and I would
send him something if I could get
it There is nothing here I can get

[page 4]
that is worth sending home
the first chance I get where
there is any thing I will try
to send him something.  When
you write again I want you to
send me a little black thread
and one needle if you can  I
have no news to write as every
thing remains quiet in the
army of the Potomac So I will
close   From you son
                    Hiram M. Cash

Hiram M. Cash,  Co. K,  5th Maine

MSS 12916

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