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1863 January 23 Camp Winder

        Camp Winder  Jan 23
Dear Aunt
                           I take my
pen in hand to write you
a few lines to let you
know that I am well & hope
that when these lines come
to hand they may find you
enjoying the same blessing
I received your letter and
the Cheese, Apples & caps you
sent by Mr. Jarvis.  I am
very much obliged to you for
sending them. the caps I gave
to those who were worst

[page 2]
off. there is no bareheaded men
in our part of the army. The
most of the men have good
hats or caps.  this week has
been very disagreeable raining
almost every day.  I suppose it
is snow with you as it
is much warmer here than in
the Valley.  We are very comfortably
situated now the men all
have cabins or tents with
chimneys; in which we do
our cooking.  I think that
as long as the weather keeps
bad we will have the
privilege of remaining n
our quarters as the roads are
too bad for the moving of
an army  There is a good
many troops going from here
to North Carolina but they
are altogether  North Carolina troops

[page 3]
We have a Court house & Church
built and some of the men
are now building a Theatre It
will be finished in a few
days I suppose - As I have
nothing of any interest to
write you I will close
by asking you to excuse
all mistakes and write soon
   Give my love to all
enquiring friends & receive
a large share yourself from
your affectionate nephew
               Thomas M Smiley

Thomas M. Smiley, co. D, 5th Virginia Infantry

MSS 1807, -a

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