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1863 January 20 Falmouth,

Jan. 20 1863
Camp Near Falmouth
Dear Friend
It is with pleasure 
that I take up my pencil to write 
you a few line to let you no 
that I am well and I get a 
long fine but today is very cold. 
I was out on picket night 
before last and was rather as- 
tonished wne I cam in to get 
a letter and such a fine lot of papers 
it came very handy 
and I am very much obliged 
to you their is not any thing 
that would have suited me 
beter at this time your letter 
gave me great satisfaction 
and I am glad that the sing 
is geting along so well their 
has been no snow here since 

[page 2]
I came out but it has been hit by [unclear: time] and 
cold but with the shelter whe have whe get along right 
well a few days ago whe had inspection of the hole 
Corp it was a fine sight to day their was Division 
Drill which was fine their is amove at the presant 
and at this time they are moving by thousands towards 
the Rappahack River and whe are at this time furnish 
with 3 Day Rasions and 60 rounds of cartridge to move 
at an airely hour to morrow morning and before 48 hours 
more their may be a very heavy Battle fought the Men are 
some what Depressed in spirits owing to the last defeat at 
the River but yet they will go I think I shall be [unclear: along]
nothing happing more than I no it may be the last 
letter I shall write to you but but whe hope for 
the best if their is a fight and I shall do my duty 
if I no how their I much that I could write at presant
But I have not the time as the orders for to march just 
came in a few minutes ago and I shall write home yet today 
and I shall close hoping that you will excuse me for 
this time and my mistake hoping that you will write soon 
to me and remember me to your Parent and all 
inquiring friend and I ever Remain
Your Humble Servant

Thad Donely

[upside down in the margin of page 1]
My kindes regards to all the young 
folk at singing and if any of them feal 
Disposed to drop me a few lines I will 
be happy to answer and tell all I no of 
old Varigin and of war the vast amount 
of men and gun on the move today looks 
as though whe could get a cross all though 
they are will fortified. Yours Truly 
Thad D Pleas except my 
thank for the paper 
you sent me and all that I can 
wish is that I will be able to rit mor 
to you in the future. Adrss as usualy
My Dinner is ready and I mus eat. I will inclose you a card 
that was go in Fredricks 
burg at the last fight

[lower margin of page 1]
 I inclose some tobaco seed

Thad Donnelly,  130th Regiment,  Pennsylvania Volunteers
[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 11395

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