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1863 January 2 Skinker's Neck

[2 January 1863]
  My dear Jennie.  I dont know what makes
me so forgetful.  I am satisfied now that I have
paid Long the $99.25 marked as due him in
your book and have his rect for it.  I dont know
what lumber I owe him for and you can
just say to him he must wait until I can
see him.  I have sent my letter to Mr Effinger
& will now send for it, take out the check
& receip [sic] intended for Long.  If the money I send
you is not enough see Mr Hensberger & he will
tell you how to get money out of bank
P.S.                    ETHWarren
    If you can get me three or four

[page 2]
pocket handkerchiefs of cottin [sic] or linnen [sic] or two of silk
I would be largely benefited  I am about out.
  George has had a hard time with biles on his face
is now better & will soon be in a better humor
also.  I am writing this before breakfast Friday mor-
ning Jany 2d 1863.  Kiss my babies & believe me
     Ever your devoted

“My dear Jennie”, salutation – Warren’s wife Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson Magruder Warren.

“rect”, line 4 – receipt.

“ETHWarren”, signature; page 2, signature – Edward Tiffin Harrison Warren, Colonel, 10th VA Infantry.

“George”, page 2, line 3 – Jennie’s brother George S. Magruder, Private, Company C, 13th VA Infantry.  At the time of the letter he was temporarily serving as Colonel Warren’s orderly.

“my babies”, page 2, line 6 – At the time Warren had three children – seven year old Lizzie, six year old James M., and ten month old Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson.

[transcript by John P. Mann, IV]

MSS 7786-g

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