Friday, January 25, 2013

1863 January 15 Chapel Hill, N.C.

[from the diary of Eliza Oswald Hill, refugee from Wilmington, N.C.]

Thursday 15th  Very unpleasant day Windy & very cloudy-
I have been up early writing all morning - at Eleven Oclock
attended the funeral of Mr  Ned Davis' oldest child [Flournoy?]
4 years old - She boarded at this Hotel 3 months before she went
to housekeeping - & I became very well acquainted with her
& like the little boy very much - on my return I went upstairs
to see Mrs Dawson Y found her baby with a fever & very cross
She quite in dread of the Scarlet fever - & worried about the
Wilmington news - Her husband wrote her word firing
was plainly heard at Ft Caswell, & the town was in great
commotion - The Yankees expected every moment - & he could
not get his furniture & other things off - People were leaving as fast as
they could - I have sent off a long letter to Mary this afternoon
in answer to one received from her yesterday saying my negroes
had arrived safely  Nothing lost but Jessies bed clothes - Poor little
Max she tells me is quite sick - & Joes  house not done - Miss
Pfeils has just acknowledged the receipt of my the money
sent her for Elizas bonnet $30 - and says she started the Caps
she made on the 14th by Express

MSS 6960

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