Thursday, January 24, 2013

1863 January 12 near Ivy Depot, Albemarle County, Va.

Camp 10th Va Cav
Very Dear Bro.
                    our kind letter
came duly to hand.  Many
thanks for your thoughtfulness
My trip to camp after
leaving you, was without
incident.  We are situated
about 2 miles from Ivy
Depot on Va. C.R.R.
Fitzhugh Lee as you are
probably aware, is still in
the Valley with his Division
when last heard from he
was in Hardy.  We hear from
the movements every day,
as the men are constantly
coming in with half dead
horses, or else entirely

[page 2]
dismounted - So that we
have many more in "Q"
than with the regt.  I hope
that all will be here soon.
Wonder if they wont give the
whole Divn a 30 days
furlough to remount.  The
hardships, fatigues, & sufferings
of the men have been
almost incredible.
We have put up chimneys
to tens, or else built huts--
Stables, are now building
I guess the "hoss Cavy" will
make old Albemarle
howl this winter.
I have had many kind
invitations to knock
about & visit in the
county, but as yet have

[page 3]
staid closely in camp.
Have been studying
a good deal lately, the Bible
& polemic theology.  Have
read "Rutledge", &
"What will he do"&c &
"Jack Hinton."
Yesterday went to Chville
dined with Dr B - saw a Miss
Leftwich (yr sister) who boards
with him - Met some other
ladies in town, a Miss Mosby
& Miss Asby.
Have promised to preach
at Ch'ville soon.
I am in high spirits about
the war - think it will be
over in a year, & then you
& I will sail for Europe,
& returning settle on your

[page 4]
[the right hand margin of this page has been cut away]
estate in Texas.
Tucker has a due bill
(for $20 I think) wh h
spoke to me about
company will be disban
Hawley's company is
the Regt. -- We hav
news Dr Douglas a
nice man from Ric
county.  Take care
health, mind about that
stand. straight every
think of it - exercise
God bless you, & keep y
true and pure
     Yr Aff Bro

[found with the letters of Charles Elisha Taylor Taylor of the 10th Virginia Cavalry, a Baptist minister after the war and eventually president of Wake Forest]

MSS 3091

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