Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1862 December 27 Springfield, Mo

      Head Qtr Confederate Volunteer
                     Spring field Mo
                            Dec 27th
Dear Chum
                     Damn your eyes if
you deserve one life from me. Not-
-withstanding Ive written you two
letter since I came out here not
one have I ever received from you
Still I find myself trying to draw
you out.  Again I have changed
my occupation or rather position
I have given up my Lt. Coloncy
in the State Guard for a Cap-
-taincy in the Provisional confederate
army, there are now in Cap 3000
men who have sworn in for the
war & for 12 months in the Confed.
Army & I am adjutant General
with rank of Capt over them

[page 2]
We are camped here with the
Feds all round us on the west
& north & north west and within
about 40 or 50 miles & the damned
cowards are afraid to attack us
I think they are willing to let us
alone if we will let them alone
until spring & if the rest of
the Army are like me there
wont be any more battles this
winter for God knows I aint any
[?] after a fight - damned
sight rather go fishing.  There aint
any one out here you ever heard
of and you get most of the news
in the papers so I will stop
Give my love to Every one (Specialy
the ladies) that I know in Virginia
Write to me frequently, if only a line
to let me know you are living, & direct
to the care of Bernard Gayos[?]
House Memphis & he will send
them up. Good bye old boy

[page 3]
take care of yourself
     your devoted friend & chum
                Wright Schaumburg

Paul de Clouet
Care of Hon. Alexander de Clouet

Politeness of
Brig. Gen. Stee[?]

MSS 9564

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