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1862 December 27 camp near Fredericksburg, Va.

               Camp near Fredericksburg
                          December 27 1862
My Dear Brother
                                I have received your letter of the 3rd
Dec relative to Robert.  I am allowed upon my staff an Adjt
and an Aid-de-camp neither of whom I have yet been able to get.
From my experience upon the staff of Genl Jackson, I felt
when I was assigned to duty here that my own reputation and the
efficiency of my command would depend in a great measure
upon the officers of my staff, and I wish to get officers of the
best talent and experience that can be had.  I have not yet suc
ceeded in getting either of the places filled, but have not yet aband
oned the  hope of getting officers such as I would like to have.
I fear that Robert is too young to command obedience and res
pect from the officers with whom he would have to deal as
a staff officer.  If you will send him to me I will be glad
to share my tent and mess chest with him, and to see that
he is well cared for.
I went a few days to see Mrs Ellis and her daughters, I found
her near Fredericksburg.  She seemed to be in very feeble health.
They spoke of going back to their house in town.  The house
was but little injured by the bombardment and most of the
furniture had been saved.
I hear from home frequently.  They are all well.
Give my love to sister Mary -
                                  Your Aff Bro
                                         E F Paxton

General Elisha F. Paxton

MSS 38-328-a

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