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1863 January 9 [Front Royal, Va.]

Home January 9, 1863
Dear Richard
                   It is now past nine, and all are
abed, but Mr Kenrick and I.  If Scott
does not take his flight before morning,
he shall take you a hastily written note
notwithstanding the lateness of the hour, and
the extraordinary [pre[pare?][upon?] me otherwise
  Your Ma sends you back, washed and
mended, the clothes brought up - I have
had you a very nice Camp Stove gotten up
with all necessary contrivances - And your
Ma, Gussie & the servants have been at
work nearly all day getting ready the
articles, which are to go in the box -
Biscuits, B[?] Coffee Tea Candles Soap Cake
Candy Homony Beans &c &c The last na-
med articles (Homony & Beans) are sent
by my special request on account of
a very vivid recollection of you particular
fondness for them - When I came to close the
box it was found necessary to enclude some
things, among them a brace of fowls

[page 2]
Jim and Horace started on horseback about
a half hour since; to take the box
as far as Harmony Mills - and I hope it
with contents may reach you safely
  It was to have been sent off in the
morning; but Mr Kendrick came in about
8 Oclock, saying the Federal troops were
at Cedarville; and were expected in town
tonight - Supposing Scott would leave
before morning - it was closed up very
hurriedly and dispatched in that manner
   Scott must give you all the  news -
There is a great deal I would like
to say to you, but I must close -
  Your Ma and the children left their love
for you before going to sleep -
I must "to bed"; for I expect trouble
in the morning - Write frequently and
fully - watch well your morals and
manners - and do not forget for a mo=
ment that you are responsible to a God
                   Very Hurriedly
                       Truly Your Affectionate Parent
                                 M. B. Buck

Letter to Richard Bayly Buck with the Warren Rifles, 17th Virginia Infantry from his father Marcus Blakemore Buck

MSS 3047

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