Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1863 January 9 Fort Gaines

                        Fort Gains..   Jay 9th 1863                     
My Dear Wife.
                        As Mr Rhodes leaves for
home this morning I will send you a line
that you may know that I am still alive
and able to eat every thing that comes in
my reach.  Capt Hardy sent a Dispatch
to Lieut Roberts this morning requesting
him to let Rhodes come home a few
days to assist about the bank as
Governor Shorter had  disp Telegraphed
him to repair to Montgomery immedi-
ately on business for the Company –
                        I am fearful that
Some body is annoying the Govor. about
keeping us for State Service – or Something
of that Kind – Callaway arrived here
last night and reports all quiet at
home – I have Just sent Jacks down town
to see if he can find any Beet and Cabbage
seed – if he does get any I will sent them
by Mr Rhodes – I wrote to you yesterday
that I would come home as soon as Kendall
Bray or Beckham Came down which will be
in a few days – I am getting powerful anxious
to see you and the Children

[page 2]
I have written a letter to Mack Oliver
to have the Deede [or “Deeds”] made out in your
name for the House & Lot as I want to
pay for it and stop interest.
                        Your affectionate Husband
                                   W. H. Locke
[With the above letter is an envelope 3 ¼ “ by 5 ½ “ addressed to:]
                        Mrs W. H. Locke
[On the back of the envelope, written in pencil is “Jan – 9- 1863”]

William H. Locke of the Eufaula Minutemen, later the 7th Alabama Cavalry

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13485

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