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1863 January 8 King George Ct House

               King Gorge Ct House
                               Theresday Jan 8
Dear Brother              I received / 63
youres Dated dec 16 & was truley
Hapy to hear from you & Caroline
& Ida I was very sorey I can tell you
for I had reconed on Spending
New Yeares with you I would have
Answerd youer letter soner if could
ouer regt has ben on pickett ever
Since I receive youer letter & I could
not gett ink nor paper I left my
riting paper in camp for I did not
expect that we Should be on So long
I had rather be on pickett than in
Camp for we have a chance to live
before I have first rate times the young
ladis here are very socible but are thoug sesess
thare is hardley a house but containes
Some of the fair Sect Im all out to
pass some lesure oures then I feal

[page 2]
more at  home here than eney place
that I have ben in I tell you it is
hard for me to thinke that I have to
fight against those that are forced
to fight as meney are from thiss section
when I hear sisteres talking about thare
brotheres I canot but help [f]ealing for them
altho they difer with me for meney of them
have been tought so from thare infancy
to regard ours as transgessores I canot blame
them thare is a good meney from famleyes
here that are sufring for the necesites of
life I for one have bought flower & meal
and taken to those that I thought stood
In need of such & meney a blessing
have I recived I thank good that none
of my frindes are sufring for food
I dont know wat there poor would
do here if it was not for ous I made
the aquttane of one poor lady that has
fivee small children that I made happy
New yeares for them

[page 3]
the wether is first rate for the time
of year thate is not much doing
here I have not herd from Dick
In a long time my health is first
rat & I hope thiss will finde you all the
same p[l]ease excuse haste my best respectes
to all                         Youres Truley afeconate
pease answer son                             Brother
                                                       A. F. Cowles
                                            To W. L. Cowles
P S direct the

[possibly Adin F. Cowles of the 8th Illinois Cavalry, Co. B.]

MSS 10801

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