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1863 January 7 Camp near Fredericksburg

Jan 7th  1863
Camp near Fredricksburg
Dear Nell
Your letter was
received this morning and having
as good an opportunity now as I
ever shall have I will answer
it immediately.  I wrote to
mother about a week ago since
when nothing of importance has
occurred.  Our New Years day was
spent as Christmas was, viz, on
picket duty in the dull town of
Fredericksburg.  Fredricksburg
may possibly in times of peace have
been a very pleasant place, but
at present it is one of the most
disagreeable places that I know
of All the stores are closed, very
few citizens are in the streets
and at every step you take
new marks of the destruction

[page 2]
wrought by Yankee cannon
and Yankee hands present
themselves.  I never saw a town
so completely sacked.  Subscrip-
tions have been taken up in the
army and in the country gen-
erally for the relief of the suffer-
ers.  The 21st has subscribed
nearly two thousand dollars
The troops generally I believe
have given pretty liberally and
I think enough will be obtained
to prevent all suffering though
not enough of course to compensate
for all the damage done to prop-
erty.  The Yankees still remain
on the other side of the river
apparently  in considerable force
Whether they will remain at-
tempt another crossing remains
to be seen.  I am rather inclined
to think that they will not
I think the campaign for this

[page 3]
winter is pretty well over
The year 1862 wound up
very gloriously for the Confederacy
althoug[h] Braggs victory in the
Tennessee was not as complete
as we at first supposed.  I
don't believe the war can
possibly last more than twelve months
longer and it may terminate
much sooner.  I was very glad
to hear from sister.  I would
have written to her by one
of the flags of truce which came
over after the battle of Fred-
ricksburg but I did not know
where to address her.  I am
glad that she has left Min-
nesota.  You don't say any-
thing about Sam in your
letter.  How is he getting and
when will he return?  Tell
him that we all talk a great
deal about him and wish

[page 4]
(for our own sakes) that he
was with us: but hope he
will not think of coming back
until he is perfectly recovered
I am sorry to hear that
Cousin John Buhler is in
such bad health and hope
he may succeed in getting his
discharge.  Give much love
to Mother & Nette and to
the Postlewhaites when
you see them.  Remember
me also to the servants
         Your affectionate brother
             Horatio N Smith

Horatio N. Smith, Co. D, 21st Mississippi

MSS 3772

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