Sunday, January 20, 2013

1863 January 6 Staunton, Va.

[from the diary of Joseph Addison Waddell, former newspaper publisher, and civilian employee of the Quartermaster Dept.]

Tuesday night, January 6, 1863.
Just as I feared! Bragg has fallen back thirty miles, with his four thousand prisoners +c. Strange after such a victory as reports claim for us. Was the enemy largely reinforced, or does Bragg run away from his victories? That we had a great success is not doubted, but the causes of the last movement are entirely unknown. New York papers state that their loss at Murfreesboro in killed and wounded was 30,000 (ours much more, of course), but that they defeated us. Our falling back gives color to the claim.
Frazier here to-night, on his way to Richmond. Rather blue after the bright hopes of the last few days.

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow project]

MSS 38-258

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