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1863 January 5 Richmond, Va.

                                                      Richmond Jany 5 1863
Dear Sir  [Edmund Ruffin]
Your favor of 31 ulto was received on the 3rd instant.
I called immediately at the Treasy Department and collected
what interest appeared to be had on "Registered bonds" of
the Confederate States, namely: on the 1 Jany 1863 -  $318.80
the July dividends for July last having been collected by
Mr Julian C Ruffin. This amount, I deposited to your
checks.  The temporary deposits which you have made
on 6 percent script, can only be collected by presentation
of the evidence of indebtedness for such loans.
  This will account for the amount of your interest
falling so much below your expectations.  If you will
send them to me accompanied with an order for the
interest I will take pleasure in attending promptly
collecting and applying it as you may direct.
  I hope in a few days to find sufficient leisure to open
the packages & get out for you the transactions of the
Agl Society &c and send them to you.  I shall propose
to the Ex Committee soon after the meeting of the Legislature
just at hand to commute all the investments of the
Society into 8 prct Confederate bonds, which if done will add
very handsomely to the amount of interest bearing funds.
                                 Yrs very truly Ch B Williams

Edmund Ruffin, 1794-1865, agricultural reformer and ardent secessionist.

MSS 3026

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