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1863 January 5 Caroline County,Va.

[The right edge of this letter is torn away.]                            
January 5th 1863
                               2 ½ Miles of Chesterfie[ld]
My Dear Mother
                       We are camped a short [dis-]
tance from Chesterfield Depot on the [Fred]
ericksburg R. R. We came yesterday [-]
ago. The artillery alone is in this neigh[borhood.]
A division, Walker’s, of infantry however  [-]
yesterday marching to Hanover Junction,
10 miles from here. They thought they [were]
probably going to North Carolina. We are [putting]
up huts for winter quarters? Thou[gh]
General Lee, to an artillery officer , to [--]
plied for a short furlough, replied [--]
not sent here to go into winter qu [arters]
but to be convenient to forage for th[e  hor-
ses. We are of course very thank[ful]
for the victories wh: we have gained [in]
the west & east. That of the west [-]
to be confirmed now. We have got [-]
to believe that the great Napoleon wa[s -]
when he said “heaven was on th[e side]
of the heaviest artillery”. The people in [Rich-]
mond seem to hope that peace is ^ ‘not’ far [off.]
I hope they may be correct, but do [-]
[page 2]
[-] it. I vaccinated myself & one other
[--] the virus father sent me. His did not
[--] had previously been vaccinated. Mine
[[-] tched off by accident. As soon as I [-]
[--] house I shall try it again; a good
[--] are anxious to try it. You can send the
[--] McHenry & Duprey. Write to me when
[--] have sent it there & I will either have it
[--] for or write to them how to send it.
[My addr] ess is Chesterfield Depot. Caroline C. H. Care
[--] E. [-] Mc Carthy. That is all. Frank Williams
[--]freight agent at the Fredbg. Depot in
[--]mond & he will probably aid M & Duprey in
[--] it to me if no one is passing [--]
[--] Do not put any thing in it that will
[--] by keeping. If you have pr. Home
[spun] pants, send them one or two outer shirts,
[--] – one will do. I suppose you have only
[--] one or two pr other drawers. I don’t want an
[--] flannel shirt. 2 or 3 pr. yarn socks. And
[some]thing to eat. I do not wish a jacket now –
[--] you have the cloth unmade up I wish
[--] would keep it & I may get the cloth from
[--] some time hereafter. My Dear Mother I
[--] at time to write more. Give my best
[--] to Dear Father, George & all. In haste –
     Most affly. yr son. W. H. Perry Jr.

William H. Perry of the Richmnd Howitzers

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 7786-d

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