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1863 January 5 Camp near Falmouth

Jan. 5 1862
Camp Near Falmouth
I take this oppertunity to write 
you a few line as I told you I should 
when I got to the sacred soil of Old Virginia. 
I came here on last Saturday 2 week had no 
trouble getting through as the weather was
whe had a pleasant trip took the
boat at Washington for Aquia [unclear: [illeg.]] Saturday 
morning got to camp about 8 o'clock in the 
evening it is 17 miles from the landing at Aquia 
to Fredericksburg. Their is a RailRoad from the 
creek up whe came up on that whe are
camped about 3 miles from Fredericksburg [unclear: [illeg.]] laying along the river yesterday. I was out on 
picket. I had a right good time I would
just as soon be on picket as in camp if whe
could have some arrangement for sleeping whe are just 
now cooking Dinner whe have some potatoes 
and parsnips that I got in a garden when out 
picketing I think it will make a fine dish. 

[page 2]

Whe have to manage a great many way 
to make hard tack and salt pork keep
one alive fried crackers and crackers hamered 
up and cakes made out of them is the 
principal living I tele you I wish I had 
some of the siders and apples that
are in Cumberland Co.. I could do well their
is not an apple to be had 
I seen them sell 
at Aquia Creek at 7 Dollars per barrel and retail at 3 for a Dime the regiment is Small 
at this time their was a good many killed 
and wounded in the last fight and since 
that a great many have taken sick thoes
sick have ben sent of all here are prety 
well and the health of the men has been good 
since the sick have been sent away I have 
been well much better than I could have
expected just coming from home and going into 
the hardships of camp whe I came here the 
boy had just to lay Down on the ground with
out even a blanket some of them it was 
rather hard [deleted: [illeg.]] Whe have since got shelter
[upside down in top margin of page 2]
Will Jones John Hays & I bunk together have a good 
mess have a hole duge in the ground about 4 feet 
square and 2 feet Deep keep write warm Tell Eberly & Hoover that I am all 
right and wish they wer her for for few Days not long ere it 
is to hard 
for white and men

[Top margin of page 1]
Tell Irven to write to me soon that I am well if you see him 
my complimen to your Brother [2]

Thad Donnelly, 130th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

[transcript by the Valley of the Shadow Project]

MSS 11395

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