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1863 January 14 University of Va

University of Virginia
            Jan 14th 1863
My dear Sir,  [General John Hartwell Cocke]
    I owe you an apol-
-ogy for not acknowl-
-0edging at an earlier
date your kind note,
enclosing the order
for $50 for the
Relief Society.  The

[page 2]
sum was handed
over to our Treasurer,
and you have the
thanks of our Society
for your aid.  We
intend publishing
a list of contributions
which will be the
mode of making our
acknowledgments for

[page 3]
any aid received.
I have been constantly
occupied since the
battle of Fredericksburg
in nursing a wounded
soldier; a son of Dr
Robinson of Balt, &
a grandson of Mr Wirts
and this I offer as
an apology for not
thanking you sooner

[page 4]
for you present of
the [nice?] syrup.
  Dr. Cabell is still
engrossed with his ar-
-duous Hospital duties
If here, he would unite
with me in warm
remembrances & thanks
to you.  I hope your
health is good this
winger. Very truly
             your friend
             M Cabell

Genl J.H. Cocke

MSS 640

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