Thursday, January 24, 2013

1863 January 14 Nolensville Pike

[from the diary of Captain William F. Hunter, Co. B., 97th Ohio]

     Jan. 14th, ’62.
Up at 5 A.M. – moved a-
bout day light, directly
back on the pike leading from
Nashville to Nolansville, & from
that place to Shelbyville. At
about 7 A.M., it commenced
to rain & rained incessantly
all day and all night. We
moved on that pike un-
til about 2 P.M. when we

turned to the left on the Ea-
glesville pike, which, also leads
to Shelbyville; at Eaglesville
we again turned to the left into
the pike leading from Mur-
freesboro to [space left blank], &
marching about 4 ms. we en-
camped; after dark, 13 ms. from
Murfreesboro. About 6 ms.
from Nolansville, today, we
passed through a town of
a dozen houses, called by
the negros Tyrrine, by the
whites, Tyree. (Trinne.)
To-night is the most un-
comfortable I ever spent; the
rain is pouring upon us in
torrents, & the water stands
in pools over the ground.
We are unable to sleep or
even lie down.
God pity the soldier!
We have nothing to

eat save fat side meat.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12935

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