Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1863 January 10 Norfolk, Va.

                               January the 10
                    Fair ground Norfolk, va
                      Dear Wife i once more
I seat my selef to in form you
that i am well and in the very
best of helth and was very glad to
here from you to here you was well
and injoying good helth we have bin
pade of and toys air in good
spirrets they have bough new boots and
caps and shirts and indead a finer
looking companey never was seen
than this all tho their clothing
cost a good deal and when they got
drest up and looked so fine i though
i wold not be behind and I bought
me a sudt suite i dont think you wold
no me now all tho i neaded them
for it is some cold here and i
want to take good care of my
helth as i can for it is very
harde to hav poor helth in the
armey all tho i have bin
blest with good helth sense
i left home

[page 2]
i received that letter which you
sent me stating a bout cosin charley
i bough me socks so you nead not
Send me eney the reason i have
not wrote to you before is this
i had no paper to write to
you till we got our pay i
will enclose 20 dolars in this
letter and i will Send Some
more before a grate while but
i want to keep Some money
buy me this time for i
dont whant to be deprived of
it so long a gane as i was this
time well dear wife i will
close for the presant hoping
to here from you soon
Drect as before
This is from youre husband
Edward Shepherd to his Wife

i will pay captin that 10 dolers
back when he comes back

[page 3]
I must explain to you how i got
that nail i faund it in one of the
secesh valts not far from this place
i use to be frighten at seing deid
boddys but the famley haf all gon
a way and the the valts ar all left
open and you can see the deid lying
in the Coffens in valts and the
bones laying all over the grave
yard we haf not got all of our pay
yet but we expect to git the balance
in a few days

[page 4]
i wish i cold com home and se you
all ones more

Edward Sheppard, 7th New York Light Artillery

MSS 12631

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