Thursday, January 17, 2013

1863 January 1 Fort Gaines

  Fort Gaines   Jay 1st 1863                       

 My Dear Wife –
                             I wrote you to day by
Kendall and as I now have a
chance to write you again by Tom
Sylvester I have concluded to send
you a line –  Bob Worthington
has just arrived and informs   
me that a black Negro Girl was
sold at public outcry to Brag
for nearly $1300 – from the discription
I am certain it is Blk Henrietta    
If so I am certainley well satisfied. 
     I hope you got Esteridges
girl   be sure and let me know.
                     I am having a good
time at Camp Jackson – We
have about 80 Negros here
and from 1 OClock till
9 they fiddle and dance
pray and sing much –
                        I understand that a
Ware House and 6000 Bales
Cotton was burned up in
Columbus Geo day before yesterday
Our Eufaula Home Insurance
office lost $15000 – I think my
Morrals will be improved if I
stay here long – I read my bible
every day – Love to all the Children
                   Your affectionate Husband
                                           W. H. Locke

William H. Locke, Eufaula Minutemen

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13485

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