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1863 January 1 Skinker's Neck

Jany 1 1863 –
My darling – I have just written my application
for 30 days leave of absence and expect to
be able to start from here on Friday next
just one week from now, will arrive in
Staunton by 6 P.M. and want you to
send up for me provided you can get
Nates carriage or a top buggy.  Billy can
start at 6 in the morning get to Staunton
by 11 A.M. have his horse well fed & atten
ded to & be ready to start as soon as the
cars arrive provided you will send by him
a snack for me to eat.  I cant think of
remaining all night in Staunton and
have little doubt of being able to start
from here on friday [sic].  The Band has
also applied for a furlough & I will be
able to write more definitely by one of
them.  I think they will reach town
by thursday [sic].  I have just recd your
letter of the 26” and recd yours of the
23” while on picket where I was for
5 days four of which it rained all
the time.  I could not write during
the time which accounts for your not re
ceiving any letters  I arrived last night
about dark in my new camp in
rain & mud enough to kill us,

[page 2]
but am now safe & sound, and as the
sun is shining bright this morning we are
all in good spirits.  I had heard of your
fathers sale.  I was at college with a
Mr Lucas from Jefferson County a very
good fellow, not very smart.  He is a son
of the old member of congress from that
district who at one time was reported
very wealthy.  I am glad to hear
of the safe arrival of the girls and
am delighted to hear that you had a
nice XMass dinner although I was
not there to help you enjoy it.  I am
particularly pleased to hear of the childrens
pleasure in their present & the letters I
wrote them.  Give my love to all the
girls & all at home.  Kiss the little
ones for me.  I cant write any more
as I am invited to a big dinner to
day & must be ready to start  I
send you a letter writen [sic] befoe I
started on picket but not finished
     Most affectionately

“My darling”, salutation – Warren’s wife Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson Magruder Warren.

“The Band”, line 15 – Warren referred to the Regimental Band of the 10th VA Infantry which at that date consisted of sixteen musicians under the command of Chief Musician Charles Eshman.

“your father”, page 2, lines 3 & 4 – Warren’s father-in-law James Magruder.

“the children”, page 2, line 14 – At the time Warren had three – seven year old Lizzie, six year old James M., and ten month old Virginia ‘Jennie’ Watson.

“ETHW”, page 2, signature – Edward Tiffin Harrison Warren, Colonel, 10th VA Infantry.

[transcript and annotations by John P. Mann, IV]

MSS 7786-g

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