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1862 January 2 Camp Winder

Camp Winder  Jan 2th[sic] 1863
My Dear Friend
It is with pleasure
that I again seat my self
to drop you a fiew lines
I arrived safely in Camp
Mnday last.  I was very glad
to dee the boys and thay seemed
glad to see me with them again
My health has been very good
since I left home.  I thought
Saturday night in Staunton
was one of the lonliest nights
that I ever spent & had a
very nice time coming down
on the cars & had very little
or no trouble with the box for
Jake he would make me eat a
meal or two with him for fetch
ing it down to him & mess with
Christ Abe Trotter Lightner Abery
& Bristow thare is some talk of

[page 2]
us forming a new mess I
suppose you have hurd of our
victory in Tenasee I think
the picture of our confederacy
is brightening and I hope before
long we will be a free and in
dependant people the army is
in the very best of spirits
the boys are mostly speculating
as soon as Plunkett brings a
load the boys buy him out
& then sell at a small profit
I believe Abe has made twenty
dollars to day.  Well thay had me
on gard last night & I was
on gard last new years night
the boys all said if they had
have been in my place thay would
have staid untill after newyear
I am very well satisfied that
I have got back to the company
we have a very nice camp

[page 3]
and I hope we may stay hear
for some time we are
in eight miles of Ginnie Station
We have plenty of wood put[sic] the
water is not very good.
I was very much obliged to you
for the fine pickle you sent
me to eat on my departure
from Greenville.  You ought
to have seen me part with Hattie
I know you would have sent
me a larger pickle.  I found Cous
Jimmie looking rather badly he
has not been well for some time
I gave him the apple as you
requested with your [?] [?]
in his late disstresses.  I found
Bros Charles & John well and harty
I have taken a very bad cold
since I returned to camp put[sic]
hope it will soon ware off I have
been very cheerfull ever since I

[page 4]
got to camp there is no news of
importance to write I expect we
will [remainder of line obliterated by fold in letter]
The boys are mostly all well
C[?] is looking splendid.
John Meeks arrived in camp
to day our company no. over
forty for duty.  I would have writ
ten soon but we had to moove
and them build us bunks
Oh Kate how often I think of
you and wish for the time when
it may be your true and constant
companion you are constantly with
me in my dreams be cheerfull my
Kate for by the will of providence I
will soon return write soon as I
am allway glad to hear from you
good by my own dear Kate as it
is almost dark from your true
and affectionate friend
                                     Willie Boy

William Francis Brand, Co. e., 5th Virginia Infantry (Augusta Grays) to his future wife Amanda Catherine Armentrout

MSS 11332

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