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1862 December 31 Farmington, Ohio

            Farmington Dec 31, 1862

My own darling
                           Am I not prompt
in fulfilling my engagements?
I engaged myself to write to you
to day and I am going to.
How art thous to day love?  Are you
better than when you last wrote me
darling, and are you thinking of
Addie, wondering how long will be
the time before you will be permitted
to see her?  Similar thoughts are mine
as I am sitting in the cozy room
of Mr Hibbses. This is the last day in
the old year.  Pleasant has been the
year of 1862 to me because God has

[page 2]
has been very good to me, and your
 pure undying love has been so freely
given strengthening me for all the duties
which I have had to discharge, giving
me new life, and telling me that I
even I have very much for which to
live.  Sad has been the year of 1862,
for our loved country has been so
deeply involved in difficulties, causing
many a brave heart to falter when they
witness the great struggle 'twixt
Freedom and Slavery, and because thou
my own darling hast been compelled
to remain far away from they Addie
And must the dawning of another year break forth
upon this scene of strife and bloodshed?
Must it be attended by the booming
of cannon, the shrieks of the dying and
wounded, the groans of the oppressed?
Oh horrible!  But thank God to morrow
slavery ceases  I trust. Truly, the name of
Abraham Lincoln will forever be blessed
by all true men and patriots.

[page 3]
But what a price has been paid for
the freedom of slaves and how forcibly
we are reminded that "the sins of
the father are transmitted to the children"
Had our fore[fa]thers never permitted the
introduction of slavery into this country,
never would we have been called to
witness such scenes as have been enacted
within the past two years.
But "no great amount of good can
be accomplished, without a great sac=
rifice" and we have paid the sacrifice
may the good be forthcoming.
  How very much I wish you to be
with me tomorrow. Would we not spend
a "happy new year"?  But thou darling
where art thou. Lying upon a bed of
suffering perhaps, surrounded by strangers
wearily watching the hours as they fly
fast bringing to us the "Happy New
Year" which shall be echoed far and
near through Europe Asia and America
by great and small rich and poor

[page 4]
Think you not the poor slaves will hail
the rising of the sun with joy? When they
feel that their chains are forever broken
that they are free what shouts and praises
will rend the air.  What a scene! Will
you feel fully paid for all the sacrifices
you have made?  But I am wandering.
I was wishing you could celebrate to-
morrow with me.  But darling you prob=
ably are wishing to be far away from
Harpers Ferry way here with - who?
Harpers Ferry!  The though of that word
brings tears to my eyes for it reminds
me so forcibly of the many miles which
intervene betwixt me and one - the
dearest of Gods creation, For the first
time in life, school duties are very
irksome to me, for I feel it my duty
to be by your side - Oh, how I wish
that I could be there - administering to
your wants and breathing words of love
and tenderness  to your weary heart.
            (Please turn to 1st paper)

[In left margin of page 1]
But, God by his strange Providence sees fit to try us a little
longer, and I will try to be resigned and cheerful trusting in

[cross hatched across top of page 1]
His strong arm and "loving kindness"
to a joyful happy meeting very
soon with my best beloved.
  I am not going to write
long letters you know until you
write me that you are quite
strong and able to read them
So I must very reluctantly close.
  Hoping to hear from you very
soon and learn that you are
much better and have obtained
a discharge, and Wishing you
a "happy new year" I remain
thine as ever

Adelaide Case to her fiancee Charles Tenney of the 7th Ohio, who is mortally ill, but has concealed the truth of  his condition from her.

MSS 11616

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