Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1862 December 29-31 Bowling Green

 [fromthe diary of Frank C. Fitzhugh, of Cutshaw's Battery]

December                  Monday 29                                          
     Trim for Coat    2.06
                          $  10.21

                                  Tuesday 30
     Albert Gentry
     To 1 pock Knife   .87
Our Battery moved to
Bowling Green

                                  Wednesday  31
Moved 2 ½ miles below
Bowling Green

[The end papers notes are as follows:]

     To 1 A. Tobacco  .10     

     To find the
     surface of  
     a sphere

Multiply the
diameter of it
by 3.1416
The following names are noted with small purchase amounts:]
 Robert Mills
John Mills
W. Holladay
A.B. Roler
W.F. Davis
Gasper Thompson

[Transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

[The intervening diary of Fitzhugh, if it exists, is missing.  The diary picks up again in 1864]

MSS 4448

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