Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1862 December 28 Camp near Falmouth

             Camp Near Falmouth
                December 28th 1862
My Dear beloved Wife
                            I recived your
kind and welcome letter today I
was very glad to have it I had
begun to think you had not recived
my letters we are on the
same Camp ground we left before
the battle what few ther is left of
ys there is not quit 100 men for Duty
we went into the fight with
about 250 men the Captain had a
letter from Dabney Pinkham
he is at Point Lookout MD.
he is Doing well I doenot know
what they will doe with what
there is left of the Regt they sware
they never will go into another fight
they say they have seen fighting enough
they want some of the $500 men to
see some of the fighting they think

[page 2]
we have seen our share of fighting
I think so myself we have ben
in 2 difernt battles that is as much
as I want to see I cannot write
eney more at present you will
here from me again soon
    from your ever true and loving
    Husband George L. Hersum

George L. Hersum,  5th New Hampshire Volunteers

MSS 10801

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