Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1862 December 27 [Clarke County,Va.?]

[from the diary of Matthella Page Harrison as transcribed at a later date]

Saturday,December 27th--We were invited to dine at Upper Longwood but shortly before the time for starting Fez drove up in haste saying the Yankees were in Berryville so he had to pack up and be off directly. He and Powell went in the buggy, John on horseback.  Oh, when will one rest in peace, when no wars or rumours of wars shall be heard. I was sitting here all alone when Cousin Frank Meade came to the door.  I knew immediately something had occurred.  He begged me not to be alarmed but Dr. H had had a fall from his horse.  He soon appeared.  He walked into the house by himself and laid down.  Was delirious all night.  Oh God, last Saturday Thou dids't bring me out of great trouble and again today.  Oh in Thy great mercy take away this heart of stone and make me truly thankful for Thy many great mercies.

MSS 9759

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