Monday, January 14, 2013

1862 December 26

[from the diary of Milton W. Humphreys of King's Artillery, as copied and annotated by him in 1893]

26  For
Some time after "Camp Thorn Spring" was established nothing of special
importance occurred.  I will simply mention some disturbances &
some changes of noncommissioned officers.--About Christmas a great
many men became intoxicated.  by order of Lt. Fowlkes, Capt. Bryan
having gone to Richmond, I arrested Mess No. 1 [the Union boys], and Frank
Robertson and James Dooley. Nothing was done with them.--A day or two
before Bryan went to Richmond, I asked him if he still looked to me for
the $34.50 that he said I must pay back to him when I reported at
camp McCausland.  He was astonished seemed not to know what I was talking
about. After an explanation was given he had some faint recollection of what
was transacted at Camp Mc.C.  But instead of my paying him 434.50 he
said that he must pay me $15.50.

MSS 1578

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