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1862 December 26 Dumfries, Va.

             Dumfries, Va.
           Dec. 26, 1862
   The Misses Redman
              Dear Sisters
                                   I im
prove this present morning in
writing you a few lines
You first desire to learn
that I am well and I
can assure you that I nev-
er had better health in
my life.  We sleep out of
doors and enjoy all the
blessings of fresh air
which are many you know
However our tents will
be here to-day and then
we will fare better  The
weather here is very much

[page 2]
like October weather
in Ills.  We have no
snow and the ground
is barely frozen so as
to form a crust on the
surface.  All the ex-
citement caused by
Burnside's defeat has
nearly subsided and
a universal quiet now
prevails among the
soldiers here.  I can
not see that the troops
which I have been privileged
to pass through since
the defeat are less en-
thusiastic than before
Fredburg all wish for
this war to close gut
we desire an entire
surrender of the enemy.

[page 3]
I should like very
much to be at home
with Mother and you
but I cannot, and I
shall have to be content
ed with staying where
I am. I will write
often so that you may
know that I am nev
er sick as the case may
be. When another battle
will occur I am not
advised Perhaps you had
heard of something being
done before long.  I do
hope there will be and
I want a chance too
I hope next time that
we may march on to
victory and an entire
annihilation of the enemy

[page 4]
Well Girls I  hope
you may fare well
and get along finely
Remember that your
[characters?] depend
upon the habits you
cultivate I hope to
find you enjoying
as good standing in
society as when I left
you to come to the war
Do all you can to pro
mote Mother's comfort
Em it is best for you
to teach school and Jane
you help Mother at  home.
I want you to tell me
more about Father's death
Write Soon  With much
love I am very Truly
Your Brother
Jane Redman
Em Redman

William Henry Redman, Co. C., 13th Illinois Cavalry

MSS 7415

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