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1862 December 25 Petersburg, Va.

Peters Burg Va  December 25th 1862
Dear friend  I take pleasure in writing you a
few lines to let you know that I am well
greatly hoping that these few lines will find
you all well, and doing well.  I received you[r] kind
letter, the 15th of this month, the Day before I left
camp Narrows I was very glad to hear from you all
I have had a rite smart travail since then which I
will relate to you, tho[u[gh I have wrote some to you since, but
you may not get it, so I will now write as I had not written
I left the narrows the 16th Dec, and marched within 5 miles of
Dublin the next morning I marched to Dublin and takened the cars
and landed at Richmond the 19th which is about 2.60 miles
and marched out about 5 miles from there the same day, and
stationed, and stayed there untill yesterday morning which
was the 24th we left here with three days rasions in our haversacks
and march threw Petersburg which is a bout 21 miles, we are now
waiting here for orders to go some where else, I think, but I do not
know where but it is thought we will go to N.C. Wilmington
or some other place, some thinks we will take winter quarters
near here but it is verry uncertain what we will do, or
where we will go, myself and Tom wrote a letter to Sanders
about a week before we left the narrows but have
never got an answer from him yet we may be within a
few miles of him and not know it, we also wrote one to him the
21st of this month we may get an answer from him to day, I cant tell

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but it is uncertain we want you to write
where he is every time you write, for we want
to find him, and get him in our company
if there is any chance, but I fear it is a bad
chance but there is nothing like trying. I think
he would be better satisfied with us and I know
we would be better satisfied, you wanted me to
come home and bring you a bonnet and Janey a
cap.  I would take great pleasure in doing so if I
could have the chance to buy them I must say this
is the dullest Christmast I ever saw  here in an old broom
seg field and not a stick of no sort of timber but
pine, scarsely, nothing of any size we can hear the Town's
bell, and cars continually almost, and water is
verry sorry here and no brandy to drink I tell you
it is a dull time all of us broke down and tired and
nothing to revive us I must soon close, you must
excuse my scatering letter for it is impossible to
write a good letter in camp, There is so ma[n]y things on
hand at onced, you must write as soon as you can
and give me all the news from old Patrick, for I like
to here from there.  I still remain you friend H.A. Heffelfinger
                                          to Delilah P. Jessup
P.S. give all old friends my best
respects especially the Pretty girls tell them I
hope to see them again and that before long H, A, H.

Henry A. Heffelfinger  Co. K, 50th Virginia

MSS 13257

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