Monday, February 4, 2013

1863 January 30 Campbell County, Va.

[from the diary of George W. Dabney, clerk of Campbell County]

Friday 30"
Snow melting - Stripping Tobo
near finished 2 houses in barn
Dr L to see Jesse - also prescribed for
Bob, who in afternoon to the great
consternation of the colony broke out
beautifully with that (to view distrait of
some) awful!!! pestilence yclept the
Wd in terrible affright on own account -
seems to feel already by anticipation the
scourge's malignant grasp on him - has
imposed rigorous quarantine between the
cabins & house & kitchen save Wm & myself.
Spencer, Joe, & Jesse who've had it--
Bob caught it at Drewry Moormans-
visited Bob twice - eruption well out-
getting on well as could be expected-
cough most troublesome - had requisite
comforts provided - Lucy Ann to nurse-
sent for Dr L. to see him & get directions
for treatment of the disease with him &  balance
to have it --  Jesse improving ---

MSS 3315

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