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1863 February 8 Dumfries, Va.

Dumfries, Va.
February 8th, 1863

Dear Sisters:
It has been Sev-
eral days since I received
your letter  (Em's of Jan 11th 1863)
but have had no time to an-
swer it til now; for many
reasons a few of which I
will give you: One is that we
have been moving camp and
have been kept very busy
fixing our tents and log
huts for winter quarters:
Another reason is it has
been very muddy so it has
been very slow working,
But, I am well and pros
pering finely.  All goes well
so far and I am glad to
have this to tell you-------
Some of our boys are Sick
-quite a number of them.
I do not think you need
make yourselves any trouble
about me, for I keep my health
and stand all Hardships Bully
In short I am all right on the
soldiering question  I hope
this will find you and the
rest of our family well and
enjoying prosperity at Home

[page 2]
I said it is very muddy
This is most truly so , as it has
been raining the most of the time
for two weeks and this country
beats all other countries for mud
and muck anyhow.  You may
judge for yourselves when I tell
you that it is almost impossible
to get about on horse back.
It is not very cold - the ground
is frozen a very little - not thick
enough to bare a horse on.--
We do not have so much duty to
do as usual.  Another Regiment is
here to help us. - (the 6th Ohio)
The Orderly Seargeant (Alex. Hills)
who helped me to get Old Put
Bunks with me and we have our
tent fixed quite comfortable to
live. We have a nice fire-place to
cook by and we have raised our
tent about three feet so that
we have plenty of room.  We
call the whole arrangement (:Our
Shibang") You would laugh to
see how we live.
Our Captain Bronson has
been promoted to Major So you
need not direct your letters in
his care but in care of Capt. Steele who
is our Capt  He is a gay little
fellow. - about the size of
G. F. Brock. He was a Sergeant in the
                                                            duty serg
three months service - the same no I am now 3d

[page 3]
I can get a furlough now for
fifteen days but I do not think
it would pay me to take one
for that length of time I could
only be at home ten days as
it would take me five for
me go and come.  It would
cost me not less than forty
dollars and perhaps more.--
We are expecting to get our pay
nearly every day. Nearly all the
other Soldiers here have received
their pay Then I can send you
some money and will do so.
But you must not look for
it before it comes.
You have already learned
that a change of commanders
has been made in our Army.
Gen. Hooker is our present
Commander. He has a very
familiar and pleasant name
and perhaps he will inscribe
it high on the Scroll of Fame
It is hoped that he may but
it is not probable that he will
if he is hampered like
Burnsides has been by the Ad-
ministration at Washington
I need not tell you that I dis-
approved of the way this war has
been carried out of late. It
would only be reiteration of what

[page 4]
I have told you in former letters
But I will say that I do not
think Our Government will ever
succeed in putting down this
Rebellion.  The Old Union of
our fathers must be Severed
I am very Sorry that I am
forced to this conclusion
but I speak upon due con-
sideration and not from a
moments thought and I am but a  Soldier
in the army yet I can think
and decide for myself Yes:
and I can speak when Occasion
offers itself. But no more upon
this subject:
Yes: Em I expect it is lone-
some at home I wish that I
could be with you instead of
dragging my life out in this
miserable Army I know that life
would be more pleasant. I do
not like to fight for the Negroe
Em: I am glad to learn that
you are teaching Now I hope that
you will not forget that you
ought to be a pupil yourself,
and improve you time accordingly
How long have you taken your school for
this winter?  But I must close.  Please
answer soon, and dont forget to tell me
all that is happening at home
and there abouts.. Now do write often
and long letters. Give my love
and regards to all inquiring friends
I remain as ever your true friend
and affectionate Brother
                           W.H. Redman
Jane Redman
Em. Redman
                Write soon

William H. Redman, Co. C., 12th Illinois Cavalry

MSS 7415

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