Monday, February 4, 2013

1863 January 30 across the Rappahannock from Fredericksburg

  Head Quarters 15 Regt. Conn. Vols
                   Camp opposite Fredericksburg Va
                                     (No 16)      Jany 30 “/63
Dear Brother George,
                                       I haven’t any
thing special to write but I
suppose that you are expecting
a letter from me so I will just
write a few words..   We have just
had a pretty good snow storm on the
ground (I mean mud) for it was
awful muddy before and I don’t
know what it will be when this
thaws for it will not stay long.
          I guess that this same storm
has given you pretty good sleighing
and wish I were there to take
a good ride after the “Bobs” [?]
has Chas had them out any this
winter.  Then you like the banking

business pretty well do you – it is a tip
top trade and I wish I were there
to even sweep out the institution
but you stick to it and be ready to
take Chas place if he gets his
appointment which I hope he will
as it would be a nice thing for him
     The Paymaster was here yesterday and
payed us off and it don’t take such
an awful smart fellow but what
Chas could do it..   I sent home
by Huisdale a letter with 20 $ and
paid him 5 per cent for carrying it
took his receipt but it is pretty good
price to give to insure letters – hope
Father will get the boots done in
time to send by him next Thursday
perhaps you might send me a
few other things as he comes right
through   he asks 6 cts a pound – I
would like some paper (writing) as
that was all spoiled that came in
the (old) box..

James Howard, 15th Connecticut

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 12668

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