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1863 February 8 Norfolk, Va.

Camp 7th New York Independent Battery
                         Norfolk Va Feb 8th 1863
                            My Dear Wife
Your ever welcome Letter of the first
came duly to hand finding me
as it left you all enjoying good
health and although the weather
has not been as we would wish
Yet we are thankfull that it is no
worse 3 Days ago we where[sic] visited
by  a heavy Snow Storm which lasted
2 days makeing for time very fine
sleighing But as Sleigh Rides down
in Dixie is a Novelty it did not
last long The fancy ones of the
City where[sic] all out in full Bloom
But as I am nearly busy all
the time I for one did not
enjoy a Sleigh Ride Yet I will
not sigh as I hope soon to

[page 2]
have many a one with you my
Wife at Home in Old Dutchess
To Day for the first in some time
we have prospects of fine weather
There is no News stirring in this
place all is as dormant as
if nothing was going on And as
far as I learn by the Papers
will be some time ere a
change takes place anywhere in
our Army The Health of myself
and the rest of the Boys never
was better and I hope and pray
that it may long continue so
to be I am glad that my
Boy is improving.  Take good
[?] of the Little One may
Blessings surround you all And
if I am spared to return once
to you I shall never more

[page 3]
leave you again with the help of
God May he watch over you
until old times return once
more and till then and unto
Death I shall ever be You
      Loving Husband
             Edward Shepard
Remember me to Father Mother and

In 18 months more
       then Home and more
again to Cheer You

[as written for the barely literate Sheppard by a fellow soldier]

Edward Sheppard,  7th New York Light Artillery

MSS 12631

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