Saturday, February 9, 2013

1863 February 7 New Bern, N.C.

[from the diary of Jesse Calvin Spaulding, Co. F., 25th Massachusetts]

Feb 7
It was quite a cold night so I did not
sleep very comfortably, but it has been a nice
pleasant day.  I changed clothing some this forenoon and
talked with Luther Clark.  Had soup for dinner.  This
afternoon cleaned my gun and played gammon with
Hall and Adams, and wrote a letter home.   I have felt
very uneasy to-day and did not know hardly what to
do with myself.  May I be enabled to cast all my care
on Jesus and strive to do his will.  It is just a year
ago today since we landed on Roanoke Island and how
may strange scenes have we been through since that
time.  Geo.Proctor climed[sic] a flagstaff to-night to get a flag
down after several others had tried and failed.

MSS 11293

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