Thursday, February 7, 2013

1863 February 4 Stone Hospital

                                              Stone Hospital Feb 4th
Dear Mother
                       I received your letter today enclosing $5.00
also 6 others from home and 2 from York, Pa. in all
9 letters quite a large mail for me the other letters
are back ones from the Regt Do you think I am
awful saucy to you to say you are black well
it is strange what cheek sogers do put on I
suppose if I was to come home you would
not know what to do with me I should
be so cheeky I want to see slavery removed
from the country as bad as any one as I know
it is through that that this was has been
brought on but I think it might be done
some other way besides killing off all the
whites That is a bully job you name
I shall have to apply for it in time as
it may be taken up Once in a while we
have lady visitors here I have seen one
Mass woman here since I came here a
Mrs Baker of Dorchester and some from
other States every thing here remains lovely
quite a batch started for their regt
from here Monday. I am going to set the
Mass Relief association stirring the mud
about me sometime this week and see
what I can do I guess I shall go down
there tomorrow -- Mud is 15 ft more or

[page 2]
less in depth here now I guess it is
less instead of more but no matter it
dont make any difference which    in future
you had better drop the 19th St on your
directions as it causes them to make mistakes
I have had one letter go tot he 19th Mass Regt
   Give my respects to all inquiring
friends and much to yourself and all
                    the rest
               From you aff son
                                  Wm Wallace

William Wallace Smith  Co. B., 22nd Massachusetts Infantry

MSS 15360

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