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1863 February 8 Stone Hospital

        Stone Genl Hospital Feb 8th
Dear Mother     No 90
        I received that package
you sent by Mr Bletchford
yesterday and was glad to hear
you was in Boston enjoying
yourself and hope it will
do you good   have you
seen "Little Mac" in your
travels yet am glad to see
that he went to the Home
for discharged soldiers
Tell Father I want to see the
old place again before
he sells it as it would
not seem like coming
home to go in a strange
place but dont know
as I shall see it hope he
will sell to good advantage
and Clter better himself
You speak about my letters
being a week coming
Yours are about as long
some longer Tell Howell
to thank Mr Emmonds
for me for that
tobacco and he could

[page 2]
not have sent me a better
kind as it was just the
kind I should buy myself
Wonder how he liked the
looks of Little Mac he
was lucky to get a ticket to
see him as a Medical
Student.  What a gay tutor
he must make to
Ned I guess he learns Ned
as much deviltry as
anything else another thing
I see is his handwriting is
improved by going to Comers
already What kind of a [?]
[?] did Ned make
the other day Tell him
too that he must not
talk to young ladies while
writing as it is a bad
practice I dont care if
the young lady is from
Vermont Tell him not
to worry about the bed
as I have as soft a one as
I want

[page 3]
Tell Aunt Abby I had rather
have a mince pie of her
own making and a cup
of coffee is nothing, nothing
short of a quart will
suit an old soldier
Tell Jonathan I cant
have him playing off with
sore fingers as I shall
report to Sergeant Mrs
Jones if he does Did you
go to the dedication of the
wigwam if so give us a
full account with
full particulars in
detail  Tell Mary I guess
I will get home in about
a year and a half and
if she will wait I will
go to Lyceum with her
then Now if I only was
at home I should want
some of Addie's wedding
cake to dream on

[page 4]
Tell Carrie she must drive
Martha Moulton out if
she talks so as to bother
her What was Wm Mansfield
down Fredg for I shall have
to look into that he
cant say he comes
to see me now it
looks suspicious you had
better believe I found out
what I wanted to know
without going to the
Relief Association the
other day it did not
amount to bosh it
was about the examination
in the convalescent camp
it did not amount to
anything only a big blow
and nobody hurt.
With much love
from you aff son
Wm Wallace

Mrs. E. Smith
    Newton Lower Falls

William Wallace Smith,Co. B  22nd Massachusetts

MSS 15360

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