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1863 February 7 Camp near Guinea Station

                                Camp near
                            Guinea Station
                           Feby 7th 1863
Dear Bell
                            I recd a letter

[next two lines cut out of letter]

not know when if ever - my
furlough will get through
probably I will hear some
thing about it in a few days
I am not coming at once to
Lynchburg - I wish to get
clothing in Richmond first
I sent money to West - who
turned it over to Triplett for
Latouche to get me the cloth
for I imagine I will have it
all to myself, so dont
expect me very soon & dont
get nervous when anyone knocks

[page 2]
at the door, even if I do not
get to see you, we will man=
age to survive, I hope, to get
back to old Alexa this

[next lines cut out of letter]

like it - or I would not
be here, a far more uncom=
fortable place than my little
office where I could smoke
my pipe in peace, & never be
told at midnight - as I was
a few days ago= to pack up
all my earthly possessions
& be ready to move at daylight
-- I wish you would send
me Mags address should
I get to Richmond I wish to
see her. - No news from
home, I suppose, - I shall

[page 3]
be please to see Dr H - should
he call, I should call on him
& thank him for his attention
to you did I know his were=
abouts - you seem to be anti=
matrimonial, certainly no hus=
band or wife is better than
a bad one, I have almost
made up my mind to remain
an old bachelor, I'll be thirty
=four in about a month, I ought
to have married ten years ago.
dont you think so?  some poor
girl I fear has missed a good
husband, I know you'll agree
with me in that, Love to all
-Write soon & send Mag's
                       Your Brother

William B. Gregory, surgeon with the 2nd Georgia Volunteers

MSS 4777

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