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1863 February 8 near Brandy Station Va

Camp of 5th Regt. N J vols. Near Brandy Station Va
                      Sunday Morning Feb 7th 1863
My Dear Wife,  I arrived in Camp yesterday (Saturday)
afternoon at 4 o clk, where I found the Regiment under
Marching Orders, at in about one hours, after which was
3 oclk the Regiment Marched off towards the Rapidan
River to meet the Enemy, Where heavy fighting was then
going on, the two armies was then fighting and had been
Since two Oclk in the Morning. I heard heavy Cannon
-ading, and Could hear the Musketry very plain and
very heavy, at dark the Battle Seemed to be getting
Closer to Our Camp. at 8 Oclk.  I turned in to my bed
went to Sleep and rested well at 7 oclk this morning I
got up and heard Some Cannon firing bu ti
appeared a great way off, buy which I suppose our
Army  has driven the Rebels back.  Report Came in
this morning that our people Captured 150 Rebels
No further News yet, the Morning that I left
home, on arriving in Camden, I got on board the
Cars from Trenton, but I did not get to See the Colonel
He had gone to the Regiment, and of Course, I did not
accomplish my Object, I then took the Cars for Bristol
and paid a visit to Thomas Millers.  I found them all
well Except Thomas who was Complaining of a Strained
or Crippled Back, they appeared much pleased to See me
and, Show a kind regard for you and Phebe with your
family, and they talk Strong of visiting you next fall
at Six Oclk Thursday night I left there for Philadelphia
and at 11 1/2 Oclk I left Philadelphia and arrived in
Washington at 10 Oclk AM of Friday I then went
to the Paymaster and Received 2.00 Dollars and
that night Sent you two letters with 50 dollars and
Each One.  Making 100. dollars, and Sent for you to Send
me ten dollars I have 100 dollars yet to send to you
but I will not Send but 50 dollars at one time.

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We have plenty of Mud and muck out here, in Many
places knee deep, and I tell you that I am glad that I
Could Stay in Camp Last Night and to day, for I guess that
It Rained pretty much all night, and it is not Clear
yet.  I cannot hear any firing Now, I guess that all
is quiet in front, and perhaps the army will return
in a day or two.  4 Oclk PM as I hear of Nothing
further of Interest from the front, and Nothing New in
Camp Except that a few Rebel prisoners have just
past here on their way to Washington
and Every thing is very quiet in front. I expect
Our army will return to Camp tomorrow
In this Letter I will Enclose another fifty dollars
And you will please Let Christian have one
Hundred dollars, which will Make $150
One Hundred and fifty dollars.  I want
him to give you the proper Papers, D[r]awing
Six per cent Interest, And Send Me a Duplicate
Understand Me when I Say that with your Consent
I Loan him the Money for One Year
I Am in good health, but Somewhat Lonesome
please Remember me Kindly to Mr & Mrs Stewart
and family, and to Christian & family
While I ever hope to remain yours affectionate
                Husband James T. Odem
                 Comp F 5th Regt NJ Vols
Army of Potomac
                via Washington DC

[Odem appears to be referring to the skirmish at Rappahannock Bridge & Church Grove]


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