Saturday, February 9, 2013

1863 February 7 [Clarke County, Va.]

[from the diary of Matthella Page Harrison as transcribed at a later date]

Saturday, February 7th - Bright and cold.  Cousin Mary Randolph and children spent
the day here.  Dr. H had scarcely left this morning on his daily ride when he re-
turned in great haste to tell me a fight had taken place last night on the turnpike
between our corner and Mr. Jones'. Seven of our men and fifty Yankees engaged.
The former captured the Martinsburg stage yesterday morning, took six prisoners,
put them on the stage horses and bore them off.  They stopped at the Old Chapel
and took the vote of their route.  Four were for the Millwood road via White Post
so on they came to destruction.  When thy reached the Little Chapel they stopped
and sent one of their number down to Millwood to see if the road was clear. He
rode past Mr. Spillman's store, seeing no one.  At Mr. Clarke's corner he came
full upon the band. They commanded him to halt.  He fled back to his comrades
and then began the race for life or death.  All of their prisoners of course es-
caped.  They fought all along the pike.  At the corner where the Clay Hill road
crosses the pike, a Mr. Hewit of Maryland received his death wound.  The pursuit
was continued nearly to the Chapel.  One of our men was taken prisoner.  The Yankee[s]
carried Mr. Hewit's body to Mr. Jones' requesting he would receive it for the night
and have it decently buried.

[possibly Joseph Hewitt of the 1st Maryland Cavalry which was operating around Winchester and Berryville in the winter of 1862-1863]

MSS 9759

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