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1863 February 5 Fort Gaines

                        Fort Gains    Feby 5th 1863                     
My Dear Wife –
                             Your favor of the 4 Inst was handed
me by Benie – You did not make a very grievous
mistake in applying Col to Reeves – for he was
Lieut Col when in Eufaula last summer and
when a man once becom has a big title it
is a hard matter for him to ever loose it -
                             Try and get My Coat back
from V Eals – I was a little sick last
night but feel bright this morning –
                                      Yours Affectionately

     12 OClock at Night Fort Gaines   Feby 5th 1863                      
My Dear Wife –
                        As My Night for posting and relieving
guard has again rolled round and no chance to
take a nap I have concluded to write to you again
trusting that in the plenitude of your goodness of
Heart and Superabundance of charity – you will
pardon me for intruding my reflections upon you
so often – My only apology for doing so however rising
from the fact; that; when I am all alone; every body
asleep and no body to talk to here; My Mind naturaly
turns toward Home and its endearments – I love to tell
you of my midnight thoughts while the guardian angel
is watching over and protecting you while sweet repose
from all troubles, rest Calmly and serenely upon
Your peaceful brow – Bless the thought! What a
Consolation, – How Charming the Idea – that there is
a “God” who rules and governs – but even takes Cognizance
of the little sparrow that falleth to the ground –
                        How delightful then the reflections that
even “Hercules” himself though powerful in
strength was as powerless in the sight of the “Great
I am” as the little aspin leaf that flutters in
the breeze – Then sleep on my Dear Wife; be not
disturbed or dismayed if you should be
aroused from your quiet and ease by the Moaning
winds as they pass swiftly by – Thy Bedside is
surrounded by that Heavenly and “God” like angel
Whose presence none dare hinder or make afraid
I also feel assured that My Dear little Children
while Sweetly and affectionately wrapped
in the arms of Morpheus they are also watched
over and protected by him who doeth all things
for the best.  As you are aware “Benie”  spent
last Night here – I am sorry that I could not be
with him [-] longer – but such are the fates of
War that Man Cannot always do as they would
like to – I am going Home next week if there

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is any Chance to get off – Bray and myself
are the only officers here and if Lieut Roberts does
not return pretty soon we will write ourselves furloughs
and go Home -
Buford left to day on the
Str “Indian” also Mrs Dr Haddock formerly Miss
“Carrie McDowell” – We are having some
pretty rough weather for our business   Cold   Windy
& Rainy – I stand it very well because I am all the
time in the House by a rousing big fire – In fact none
of our men are exposed much –
                        Good by     Your affectionate Husband –

William H. Locke, Eufaula Minutemen, later 7th Alabama Cavalry

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 13485

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