Monday, February 11, 2013

1863 February 9 "Hopedale," Albemarle County, Va.

[from the diary of Mary S. Boyden, daughter of the Rev. Ebenezer Boyden, rector of Walker's Church, (later Christ Episcopal), Albemarle County, Va.]

Monday 9th  Mr Mountjoy left us this morning,
reluctantly, I hope; (on our side at least, I know)
I gave him a pair of gloves, & a little tract
called "Salvation to the uttermost", & was sorry
afterwards, I had not given him another called
"A call to Prayer", by Kyle - I must try to get
some more tracts - Ma gave him a prayer book
May God bless the gifts to his Eternal good -
He promises to come again soon.  May God pro=
tect & bless him with the choicest blessings!  He
is to[sic] noble & brave: too bright & loving to perish
ignominiously - May he long live to serve God
& be a useful man in his day & generation--
I wrote a long letter to Lilla today telling her
about Mr M's visit - Sarah out today-

MSS 4288

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