Thursday, November 8, 2012

1862 November 9 Warrenton, Va.

[from the war journal of George Hazen Dana as compiled by himself from wartime letters and diaries]

(Letter of October 29 continued)
Warrenton, Nov. 9th 1862.
You will perceive that this was begun some time
since, and I have had little time and no inclination
to write since we started on our march: no inclination,
besides in my position of Q.M., I have been sometimes
on horse back all day and all night, with my wagons,
and have been several times asleep on my horse, and
always dreadfully sleepy whenever I had the
fortune to reach camp. We are today having
a rest, and I have laid in a good stock of sleep,
and feel as fresh as a lark. My health is
as good as it ever was, the rough life agreeing
with me wonderfully, and no blistered feet – thank
Heaven – to suffer with. We have all
suffered much with the cold, having had two
falls of snow during our march. I fear
from what I see of my present duties, that I
must get into a fight if we have one, as our
wagons will be left miles in the rear, in all
probability – such is usually the case, and it
troubles me much – the work it gives me I like.
But I have more rations to draw, this afternoon,
so must close, with much love. - - - Do not be
anxious about me if I don’t write, as I have very
little time, and communication is very irregular.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 5130

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