Thursday, November 29, 2012

1862 November 30 Camp Tillinghast

[letter of Sgt. Robert P. Mansfield, Co. M., 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, continues]

                     Sunday afternoon Nov 30
I thought I would wait untill I heard from
you, before sending this, I have received no letter
from you since last Saturday (Nov 22) there
is I hear some detention of the Mail, somewhere
Last night night[sic] I sat up with Earp, he has
had a relaspe[sic], caused by his going out to
soon, and taking cold, he is very sick,
and out of his head most of the time.
It will be a long time before he recovers
if he ever does,  I have my doubts of his
recovery, I was quite dissappointed in not
receiving a letter from you last night.  I
began to think that perhaps you or the
children might be sick, God grant that
such may not be the case

[page 4]
I must tell you again what a big feast we
have had through thanksgiven week, We
have had seven boxes during the week, con-
taining, Turkeys, Chickens, Fresh Pork, Mince
and Apple Pies, Sausages, Pickles & Preserves,
Apples, Plum Puddings, Cake, and a great
many other goodies, to numerous to men-
tion,  we have two more boxes coming
this next week, You would'nt think we
were Grahamites if you could see how
fast such things disappear about these
times.  I dont think of anything more
of importance to write to you now,
I shall anxiously await a letter from
you,  I think I shall get one tomorrow
night,  I will write and let you know
if I do, the middle of next week,
Please send me some postage stamps,
I have to borrow now,  Give my love
to all inquiring friends, Kiss the darlings
for me, accept a thousand for your-
self, and ever believe me the same in love
now and ever,  Your truly--Robert

MSS 1242

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