Thursday, November 8, 2012

1862 November 9 camp near Warrenton, Va.

[letter of Hiram Cash to his parents begun on the 8th continues]

 Nov 9th to day we marched about 8 miles
twords Warenton we are expecting to go there to
day  My health is improoving slowly if my back
was strong and well I should be as well as I ever
was in my life  I have been very careful about
lifting and shall continue to be and I hope
soon to be entirely well again.  I have not heard
a word from Washington yet I know he is out
here but where I cannot find out I am anxious to
hear from him when you hear any thing from
him try and let me know  I think some of you

[page 2]
have been very sick or I should have
heard from you ere this time I heard last
night about Orlandos getting married and if you
had been well I think you would have written
about it try and take care of  yourselves as well
as you can and not exspose yourselves any more
than you can help I want to hear how high the
tax is this year and if you  have sold the oxen
and how much you got for them if you sold
them and all the news you can think of.  I am
still on guard at head quarters of this brigad and
we may stay here all winter.  I passed through the
10th Me. Regt. the other day Joseph B. Small belongs
to it but I did not know it at the time so
I did not see  him but some of the boys did
see him I enquired about Mark Gammon they said
he was sick and in some hospital.  I want you to let
me know if you have got the letters I have written
I think this is the fourth one since I heard from
you.  We have been mustered for four months
pay and we expect to be paid the 15th of this
month if nothing happens.

[letter of Hiram M. Cash of the 5th Maine will continue on the 10th]

MSS 12916

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