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1862 November 9

[from the diary of Samuel S. Johnson, 1st Massachusetts Independent Light Battery]

Nov. 9th

The past fortnight has been one of unusual
activity: another grand advance of the army is in
progress, and the rebs are falling back rapidly.
On the 28th and 29th the rebs sent another flag of
truce. On the 30th were relieved by the Baltimore
Light Battery. From W. we marched to the south
side of Champton Pass, and encamped for the
night. To day we passed through Keedysville, and
over Antietam creek, where the battle of the 17th
of Sept began. Early the next morning were again on the
road, passed over one old battle field at the pass,
passed through Burketsville, and at five P. M we
arrived at Berlin where we are to cross the river
into Va. Were turned out again in two hours
to hitch up, and cross the river immediately, which
we did, and at midnight we encamped at Lovits-
ville. At one P. M the next day, we hitched up
and moved a short distance, and joined the div.
from which we had been detatched some time.
On the 7th and 8th, we rested at White Plains,
where we had quite a fall of snow, rendering the
roads unfit for traveling. Gen McClellan has
been superceded by Gen. A. E. Burnside, thus for
some petty, contemptible, sneaking jealousy, on
the part of that thing, called President,
more harm has been done to this army than
if we had suffered a bad defeat. The army
will not fight as well under any Gen. as under
McClellan. (It is just a lucky thing for you,
you poor, miserable, weak minded rail splitter,
that the soldiers of this army can’t get you
into their hands, or I should very much fear
for your personal safety. Such a thing as you
for a President, I would not let you oversee
a gang of coal heavers.) On the 9th we were
joined by the 11th corps at Thoroughfare Gap.
After a short march, we encamped at New
Baltimore. Our 1st Lieut. has been appoin-
-ted to a Captaincy, by Gen Franklin, one of our
corporals to the 2nd Lieut. The weather has
been pleasant and cool.

[transcript by Mary Roy Dawson Edwards]

MSS 8493

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